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Honorees' Banquet

    About Us 

Mission: To enhance the daily lives of seniors in every way possible.  



Our organization was founded in 2013 to celebrate seniors, of all ethnicities, who are 90 years of age and older. We do this by hosting          various luncheons, banquets and celebrations throughout the year, feting the seniors with gifts and proclamations from businesses and     local elected leaders as well as state and congressional leaders. Our seniors also received birthday wishes from President and Mrs. Barack   Obama two years ago. We have hosted movies at the nursing homes, lectures at the colleges, and also  entertainment at the Weinberg. Our  seniors deserve these honors and more. We stand on their shoulders and are indebted to them. We thank them for their sacrifice and all that they have done to blaze the trail and to make our journey a bit easier.                                                                                                                                       

We received our 501c3 status in May of 2014 and we started with 8 members and 14 honorees. Today (2018) this non profit organization consists of 62 honorees of which 7 are over 100 years old. To provide these seniors with equal support, and attention, we now have 17 members at large.



                                                        2018 Board of Directors 


                                                         Wanda Ruffin Ph.D.- Chairman

                                                         Karen Hall

                                                         Rosalind Nasher

                                                         Ingrid Copeland

                                                         Mary Hoy

                                                         Willis Jackson

                                                        Members - at  - Large

                                                         Joy Onley - Founder

                                                         Gwendolyn Graves

                                                         Diainn Goodman

                                                         Joyce Hall - Pastor

                                                         Melinda Shanholtz

                                                         Lois Spurrier

                                                         Bonnie Swann

                                                         Mary Kaye Morgan

                                                         Geri Newsome

                                                         Alice Hall

                                                         Olivia White Ph.D.



Become A Member

The Honor Class will:

  • Make seniors feel extra special

  • Schedule frequent visits and calls

  • Sponsor educational programs

  • Provide emotional support and small essential items

  • Host several luncheons and a large banquet annually.

Our goal is to shower seniors with endless amounts of love


 The Honor Class sponsors four main functions each year:

  • Loving Out Loud Luncheon

  • Big Birthday Bash

  • Centenarian Luncheon

  • Attitude of Gratitude Banquet

These affairs are held every four months. All the honorees are invited to these events at no cost.



It is a great time to give back to both the community and these seniors. They a have already contributed so much to making the world a loving place.

Our organization will always need funding to provide desired services to our seniors.

Please make check or money order to:

The Honors Class

P,O, Box 444

Frederick, MD 21705


Donate below using your credit card.


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P.O. Box 444

Frederick, MD 21705

Tel: 301-663-4078

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